New Parishioners

Whether you are currently a parishioner or are interested in becoming one, we love having you at Our Lady of the Snows Parish. Choosing your church can be as vital to your family as it is selecting the town in which you live. Registration is the first step toward active participation in a parish.

You will find that Our Lady of the Snows is a warm and welcoming church family with many diverse personalities and talents. There are many parish ministries in which to involve yourself.

 As a registered parishioner, you may receive verification letters to sponsor individuals for sacraments, receive sacraments yourself, or participate in Faith Formation classes.

 In addition, you become a supporting member of the parish community. Registered parishioners will have available an end-of-the-year tax contribution statement. Registered parishioners also have several special mailings each year to keep you abreast of parish and community happenings. Your parish family will support and assist you and your family during difficult times.

 You can register by calling us at the parish office at (570) 586-1741.

 Once you register, we will be in touch to say “Hello.”   Register today!