Youth Ministry Volunteers

Youth Ministry Adult Leadership Roles

High School Religious Education

  • High School Religious Education uses a DVD series called Chosen: This is Your Catholic Faith.
  • Only meets 12 times a year from 6-8PM in the OLS Gathering Room
  • Adults in this volunteer role would help facilitate small group discussion with the students using questions from the provided workbook. 
  • No teaching experience necessary.  Just a willingness to lead conversations.

Thursday Night Meetings

  • This is the heartbeat of the ministry.
  • Meets Thursday nights during the school year from 6:30-8PM
  • Making sure that people are included, spotting new students and making sure that no one leaves without feeling welcomed.
  • Being available to talk with and pray with students at any time
  • Helping lead small group discussion alongside student leaders


  • If you have a knack for making people feel welcome as well as making a space feel inviting, we would love to have your talent.
  • This could be at any events based on your schedule: Thursday nights, special events, retreats, etc. 
  • Some examples could be: Welcoming people at the door and signing in, setting up snacks and food, decorating, etc.

Event Leader

  • If you are a big idea person, we could use you! 
  • The majority of our students are attracted to the youth ministry through various social or service experiences. 
  • Event Leaders would help come up with ideas as well as help carry out student ideas for ways in which we could do service projects or create fun experiences that attract students to the ministry. 
  • Time commitment would vary depending on your schedule.