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Our Lady of the Snows/Church of St. Benedict Parish Community is proud to launch our new home on the internet. We hope that this website will enhance the life of our parish by allowing you to experience an interactive participation in the information provided on this website. Please take some time to browse our new website to find out about all of the activities of our parish and how you can participate. Enjoy! 



Religious Education

       Our parish religious education program for grades pre-K - high school for the  2016-2017 school year will soon begin.  Deadline for registration is October 2, 2016.   Please kindly complete a registration form for each child and submit registration fee to the parish office by deadline.  There will be a $10.00 late fee for all registrations after September 30, 2016. 

      Parents please note that there IS a separate registration form for First Eucharist and Confirmation Candidates (Grades 2 and 8) that has been mailed separately.   

     Religious education teachers for all grades are welcome.   Tuition waived for the child in the grade level that is taught, except for sacramental years 2 and 8.  First Grade teachers are currently needed.  Please call the parish office for more information.

     Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support.   If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me at the parish office at 570-586-1741 Ext. 222 .  I look forward to serving you and your children this upcoming school year.

    Registration is now open here

Mass Times

Saturday Vigil Mass:
4:00pm- Church of St. Benedict
5:00pm - Our Lady of the Snows

Sunday Masses:
7:00am - Our Lady of the Snows
8:00am - Church of St. Benedict
9:30am - Our Lady of the Snows
11:00am - Church of St. Benedict
11:15am - Our Lady of the Snows

Daily Masses:
7:00 am - Church of St. Gregory
12:10 pm - Our Lady of the Snows

Office Hours

Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm


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What is Flocknote?
Flocknote is an online communications system that has the capability to send email newsletters, text messages, phone calls, and social media updates.  Our Lady of the Snows Parish Flocknote network includes lists for each ministry: Faith Formation, Youth Ministry, Music, etc.  Flocknote users can subscribe to any list to receive news and announcements about that particular ministry.  Users can choose to receive emails and/or text messages, and they can reply to other members of the list.  For example, a Eucharistic Minister needs to reschedule his or her weekend, messages can be sent to all the other members of the Eucharistic Ministers list.

Well, why not just use email? 
Email lists have been used for years and work well.  But maybe you'd like to receive communications via text message.  Maybe you want to receive messages from a ministry, but you don't know how to get on the contact list.  Flocknote gives the user the ability to control what messages they receive and how they receive them.  When a ministry uses email, new members of the church are unable to see a history of what has been communicated.  Flocknote maintains records of these Notes to keep everyone informed and up to date.  Email lists require the sender to maintain an accurate list of contact information, while Flocknote allows the user to subscribe (and unsubscribe) to whichever list he or she chooses.  It also allows Our Lady of the Snows Parish to maintain more accurate records of contact information.

Liturgical Ministry Schedule

The Joy of Love

       On April 8th, after over two years of conferences and council from people around the world, Pope Francis released a 256 page document titled: Amoris Laetitia (The Joy of Love).

       The pope has given us a love letter to families—a love letter inviting all of us, and especially married couples and families, to never stop growing in love. It is also a love letter calling the Church, the family of God, to realize more and more her mission to live and love as a family.

        Pope Francis is calling us to enter more deeply into the beauty of marriage and Christ's teaching. From the opening lines of Genesis to the closing chapter of Revelation, and throughout the Gospels, God speaks eloquently to us about the joys and challenges of marriage and family life.

       The Joy of Love is inviting us to share the treasure and medicine of Jesus. The teaching of Jesus inspires us to live out God's hope for us, and the mercy of Jesus heals and sustains us when we fall short. Let us remember that no obstacle is too big for Christ to overcome.

      We are all encouraged to read and reflect on how the words of Pope Francis can be applied in our lives, in our families, and in our society

 To read the document:  The Joy of Love





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